Choose Your Own Adventure

Have you ever read one of those "Choose Your Own Adventure" books? You know, the ones we thought were so cool as kids, because we could decide what happened, how the story would evolve. Then when you finished, you could start over and make different choices. There are even new electronic game versions for you to play online now. Anyways, have you ever just wished life could actually be like that? You start reading, and come to one of those pages with the choice...does Johnny go left to the woods or right to town? Naturally we all picked left because there was always that sense of adventure with going into the woods. Of course, once you manage to carry Johnny through a harrowing ordeal, escaping the ugly, bloodthirsty ogre, you could simply start over and take him through town. Wouldn't it be great if life worked that way? We start down the path, but don't quite like how the story is evolving so we go back to the point where we had to make that left or right decision.

The Rising Decline of General Knowledge

Education around the world has various forms and meanings. Some countries or leaders see education as a form of control by limiting access to certain classes of people. Others view it as a means to empower its populace, so that individuals can rise above their current situation. Within the U.S., education is free (except for pesky fees associated with this and that) from grades K-12. Beyond high school, people are required to pay for their education, unless they are blessed with rich parents or scholarship funds. Educational curriculums have advanced through the years, struggling to keep up with the ever changing world of technology and life in general. Herein lies the problem, students are being forced to regurgitate information for state tests, while being neglected and education of general knowledge and skill competencies needed for everyday life. When I started school in 1985, computers were all but unheard of in schools. Teachers had to do so many things by hand, on "old

A Darkened Path

Where is this place I have found myself? It is the depths of darkness where light dares not reach. I stumble, disoriented through a wicked maze; a twisted path worn by the souls of many, a way from which few return. My vision fails me, my ears pulse with the earsplitting reverberation of demons’   laughter. I cannot see them, only feel their sharpened claws tearing against my flesh. I scream out, but the void swallows my voice, and fills my heart with loathsome fear. The weight of one thousand chains burdens me. Weakness, obscurity, the ebony abyss destroys my faith. This torture cannot continue, my life I feel is at an end. I stumble, falling to the coarse earth; I sense the frozen hand of death. My heart is not ready for everlasting slumber. Tears fall freely from my soul, as I whisper a simple, blessed entreat; Lord, it is yours. With that final breath, I feel the earth tremble with the might of the Most High. Light,

Little Glass Jars

Life has an interesting way of bumping you, and reminding you to just keep going. I have a few days off and have several projects lined up to get out of the way. Of course, I also have day to day chores to take care of, including laundry, which is where this thought all started. Let me rewind for a moment and preface this narrative with some back history. I am currently living in the house my grandparents settled in, back around 1972. They bought it right after it was built, it’s a modest ranch style home, in a “blip on a map” town, in South Mississippi. My grandmother passed away some years ago, and my grandfather more recently. My grandfather, God rest his soul, kind of let things go a bit. The exterior of the house is in rough shape, to say the least. Birds, squirrels, and yea…mice and rats, have managed to get into the attic and make themselves a hip hangout. We have recently begun rectifying the situation, but it’s not complete. The interior is also in need of fixing up, th

Leptin Resistance Sucks!

So, I've come to realize I have to get the weight off again. Having my lap band removed was exceptionally painful, as it allowed me too much freedom to eat again. This wouldn't be so bad if it weren't for the leptin resistance. So, I'm going through and eating or getting rid of stuff through the end of the year, then it's back to high protein, low carb life. For those that use products like Plexus and Advocare, you can keep them. I've tried both, neither gave me any kind of anything to support them being more than placebos. They both instruct you to change your eating habits, which in itself will improve your health. Then they give you all these take this, take that, oh and don't forget this to get better basically you are tossing money at a company for supplements which, uh...if you are eating properly, you won't actually need. So I will pass. I would however consider gastric sleeve, but I have no co-morbid issues associated with obesity,

Dreams Gone By

Life has a sweet way of picking up a ton of bricks and slamming into you with them, like a drunk driver, in a Mack truck. One moment you are dreaming of doing something worthwhile, then "WHAM!!!", blindsided by the Mack truck. I hit a major realization in the middle of working on something for was an epiphany of sorts. The kind that can break down even the strongest of men, turning them into a whimpering bowl of jello. It's that moment where you look back at your entire existence, from the moment you can remember until now, and you see have been in a competition you entire life. Trying to gain the recognition of someone, anyone, just wanting them to acknowledge that you have talent and drive. You are craving the push that will give lift to your wings, your ideas, your dreams...the wings that have so many times been clipped by dull blades, leaving you bleeding and broken from attempts to soar. You lie on the cold hard ground, crippled by the fall, b

Where to Next

The ending of this year hasn't exactly gone as planned. It has evolved from pure elation coupled with multiple familial issues to pure hell. What started out as planning various events surrounding the possibilities with someone special, has turned into an unrelenting quest for work, with little time for anything beyond planning moves. In March I purchased a trailer house. It's nice, plenty of space, well laid out...for the most part. I was able to move into in May, and with it came my family. It was a full house, but I will not drag you through the insanity that soon followed. It wasn't long after we got moved in, that they moved out and I was left with a quiet home. Previous to their exit, I fell in love with someone who helped me, and has for years helped me with many things. He became a rock on which I could always depend, still do. Life began moving fast and hard, I had a job, a home, an awesome was good. Then life decided to idolize Loki, and threw me mu